The Mark Kalina Jr. Foundation

The Mark Kalina Jr. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to: provide support to traumatic injury victims, promote education on the prevention of traumatic injury, and assist similar non-profit endeavors.

The Mark Kalina Jr. Foundation was established in 2013 to provide financial assistance to victims of traumatic accidents that have resulted in limb loss or the loss of use of limb(s). This unique opportunity for charity was created in the wake of a tragic event experienced by the Kalina Family. Mark Kalina Jr. was involved in a pedestrian-train accident in October 2012 in which he became a bilateral amputee. Through Mark’s experiences, he realized the deficiency in the amount of resources available to victims of traumatic amputation. In order to mitigate some of the financial hardships, Mark decided to create a charity that would raise money for individuals faced with situations like his own.

What is the Mark Kalina Jr. Grant and who is it for?

The Mark Kalina Jr. Foundation Grant is financial assistance for an individual's prosthesis or other adapted devices needed for those who are affected by limb loss or the loss of use of limb(s) (vehicle hand controls, etc.). In order to be eligible for the grant the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

1) Have lost a limb or use of limb(s) to a traumatic incident.

2) Amputation/Paralysis cannot be related to disease (diabetes, meningitis etc.)

3) Amputation/Paralysis cannot be self inflicted or caused by a self inflicted injury.   

If all criteria are fulfilled, the applicant should fill out the application on this page. The more detailed the application, the better it is for review. All applications will be reviewed and voted on by the foundation board. The recipient of the grant will be contacted and given more information. Those who do not receive the grant will remain in the applicant pool and will be considered in the vote for the next grant award. Non-awarded applicants may be asked to submit an updated application for an upcoming grant award.

If you are unsure if you fit the criteria you can contact Also, if an application is submitted but does not fit the criteria; the applicant will be contacted to resolve the issue.

The amount of the grant is not set and is determined by the board. Application due dates and announcement of the grant recipient will be posted on the website.

The recipient of the grant must use the financial assistance for what was stated in their application and must provide proof to the foundation. If the grant is used for anything other than what is stated and agreed upon in the application, the recipient must forfeit the entire grant and return the money to the foundation. Additionally, that applicant will be unable to apply for all future grant awards.


Fill out the form below to be reviewed as a candidate or nominate a candidate for the Mark Kalina Jr. Grant.

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